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The Greatest Good: 100 Years of Forestry in America

The Greatest Good: 100 Years of Forestry in America
Char Miller and Rebecca Staebler
Bethesda, Md.: Society of American Foresters
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paper, 125 p., $40

This book is a compelling pictorial history of forestry in the United States. With illustrations, datelines, text and excerpts from famous writings, it celebrates a century of American professional forestry. Describing the magnitude of the efforts of foresters, the authors analyze the ways in which forests were preserved and timber production was altered and regulated. Chronologies detail the work of the U.S. Forest Service and other government agencies in ecosystem management, and in educating politicians and the public on forestry issues.

A magnificent historical document, this book is crammed with photographs, facts and quotations from famous authors. It should be of great interest to the 17,000 professional foresters, government agencies involved in forest management, researchers, historians and those readers with an interest in forests and American history.

— Jean E. Bedger, Volunteer and Researcher, Library, School of the Chicago Botanic Garden.