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Grandpa's Garden

Grandpa's Garden
Shea Darian
Nevada City, Calif.: Dawn Publications
Publication Date: 

paper, 32 p., $7.95

This book is a philosophical story about a young child working with her grandfather in a garden. They share much between them in conversation regarding the garden and other aspects of life. He is a very special person, very understanding, wise and loving. He teaches the little girl to appreciate the garden, to understand the tasks that need to be done and to gather the harvest. But above all, the story reflects the wisdom and love in the heart of the grandfather.

There is much give and take between the two in this story, and basic principles of life and death are passed along. This book, which is illustrated by Karlyn Holman, is recommended by the publisher for readers ages 4 to 10, but I question that. This book, due to the philosophical content and religious implications, has a very limited audience. The contents of this book might work with an adult reading the book and explaining the contents to a young person. However, the age, intelligence and personal situation of a young person would influence the interest in this personal and moving book.

— Jean E. Bedger, Volunteer and Researcher, June Price Reedy Horticultural Library, the Joseph Regenstein Jr. School of the Chicago Botanic Garden.