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The Gourmet Gardener: Everything You Need to Know to Grow and Prepare the Very Finest Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables

The Gourmet Gardener: Everything You Need to Know to Grow and Prepare the Very F
Bob Flowerdew
Kyle Cathie
Publication Date: 

cloth, 192 p., $35.00

British author Bob Flowerdew, an organic gardener, discusses his experimental operations for growing more luscious fruits and tastier vegetables, as well as his choices for the best-perfumed flowers. In this practical and personal guide to gardening organically, the author concentrates on growing crops on the basis of taste and flavor, not for yield or prizewinning exhibits.

He instructs the reader on how to seek out and select one's favorite gourmet foods and how to employ various growing techniques to produce the most flavorful crops, as well as ways to improve them and extend their season of production. In the chapter on processing and storage, he points out the importance of timing in harvesting. Gardeners are warned that if many fruits and vegetables are grown, daily processing chores will be heavy. Besides the listing of the author's favorite food and herb crops, the text contains a directory of aromatic flowers. Flowerdew describes how they can best be used, either for their scent in a floral bouquet indoors or for their perfume and beauty in the garden. Gardeners who want to create a memorable garden experience at home will certainly appreciate this list of the best-perfumed plants.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden