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Gifts from a Southern Garden

Gifts from a Southern Garden
Laura C. Martin
Dallas: Taylor,
Publication Date: 

cloth, 202 p., $32.95

The title of this book is actually misleading. You don't need a "Southern" garden to enjoy some of the projects described by Laura Martin, whether it be floral necklaces or herbal wall hangings. You can turn your own herbs, flowers and vegetables into interesting crafts no matter where your garden is located. This book points out quite clearly that it is more fun to create interesting objects and food with plants that you've grown, such as making apple jelly from your own apples.

Country crafts made from fresh and dried materials, herbs, cones and pods are shown in step-by-step illustrations. There's also a section on crafts for children, and an encyclopedia of useful plants. Wedding flowers, pounded flowers and a floral cake are especially interesting and worth the price of the book.

Each project is outlined in terms of cost, time, and degree of difficulty, and then shown completed in colored photographs. Gifts from a Southern Garden is a wonderful resource for teachers and crafts workers.

— Adele Kleine, Master Gardener and Volunteer, Library, Chicago Botanic Garden