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Giant Perennials: Star Performers for the Garden

Giant Perennials: Star Performers for the Garden
Susan Berry
Firefly Books
Publication Date: 

paper, 144 p., $21.95

Garden design can include "giant" plants that give seasonal size and definition without the cost of trees and shrubs. Author Susan Berry presents different options for gardeners, with schemes that address shade, sun, moisture, color and foliage. Many of the plants described in Giant Perennials are fast-growing, so the options are numerous for a gardener willing to experiment. Berry also provides plenty of tips to get started, from weeding to watering and propagation.

Most of the book is filled with details on specific plants in a plant directory, where more than 100 plants are described with color photographs and text. Each plant is described in several paragraphs, with details on plant care and planting instructions, as well as recommendations on where to plant. A suite of colorful icons provides further details, tied to a key at the end of the book.

For those interested in exploring some new options with perennials, this book will get you started with some plants you may have known for years, and with others that will surprise and delight you.

— Elaine Juhl, Volunteer and Master Gardener, Chicago Botanic Garden