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Gardens of Marrakesh

Angelica Gray
Frances Lincoln
Publication Date: 

Cloth, 128 pp., $35.00.

Browsing the pages of this book offers the reader an opportunity to go on a dream vacation to one of the most beautifully exotic cities of the world, Marrakesh. In this, her first book, landscape designer and garden writer Angelica Gray introduces readers to the garden city, known as “the rose among the palms.” Its pink-colored mud walls conceal a green heritage of market gardens, orchards, breathtaking ceremonial spaces at mosques and rulers’ palaces, and a vast Islamic public garden that is more than 800 years old. With the city set on a flat plane, the Atlas Mountains rise up as a shimmering ghostly background in the distance. Photographer Alessio Mei has also captured the almost eerie skies at sunrise and sunset, casting their magical light over the city. Each one of the 20 interior and exterior gardens the author discusses is an object of beauty. In contrast to the historic sites, the author cites two famous gardens — Jardin Majorelle, created by its owner-artist Jacque Majorelle and the Mamounia Gardens, an eighteenth century princely garden. This book captures the sophistication of Marrakesh, a city that welcomes tourists from around the world. The small print in grey ink on glossy white paper is the only difficulty in this otherwise delightful book. —Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden.