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Gardening in Containers: Creative Ideas from America's Best Gardeners

Gardening in Containers: Creative Ideas from America's Best Gardeners
Taunton Press
Publication Date: 

paper, 170 p., $17.95

Experienced gardeners seeking to expand their container repertoire will find plenty of inspiration in this latest offering from the editors of Fine Gardening magazine. Gardening in Containers is the most recent addition to the Fine Gardening Design Guides series. This collection of articles (all of which previously appeared in the magazine) is beautifully illustrated with color photos and provides plenty of creative ideas.

The topics covered in the book's five main sections include some terrific "how-to" articles on gardening techniques (such as hanging baskets, shaping an herb standard and repotting), container selection and design.

Like Fine Gardening magazine, this book urges gardeners to "push the envelope." Nowhere is this more evident than in the section on "Great Container Plants." The plant materials discussed in the section include succulents, roses, spring-and summer-flowering bulbs and Japanese maples — not a geranium in sight.

While many of the projects shown are probably not something a novice gardener would feel comfortable attempting, the directions are clear and concise.

There are excellent articles on drip irrigation, overwintering tender plants and evaluating potting soil, as well as an entire section devoted to placement and use of containers in the garden.

For those ready to move beyond the basics of containers and "kick it up a notch," this could be just the book they need to spice things up.

— Lorrie Burrows, Master Gardener and Volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden