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A Gardener's Guide to Wildlife & Birds and How to Attract Them

Jen Green, Christine and Michael Lavelle
Hermes House
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Decorated boards, Two volumes in one box, $25.00.

This boxed set includes two books: How to Create a Wildlife Garden by Christine and Michael Lavelle and A Practical Illustrated Guide to Attracting & Feeding Garden Birds by Jen Green. It offers the home gardener detailed instructions for turning your space into a refuge for wildlife, large and small, as well as a variety of bird species. Beautiful photographs illustrate how to improve your natural habitat to encourage and protect wildlife. The first section of Jen Green’s book explains how birds live and what they need to thrive. In addition, there are pictures and illustrations of the most common garden birds. However, since this book refers to birds commonly found in England, there may be some species that you will not encounter on this side of Atlantic. There are helpful instructions for creating nesting and feeding sites for birds.

Lavelle’s wildlife garden book offers suggestions for wildlife gardens, either in a large country setting or in urban, courtyard, or wild settings. Here again, the authors provide step-by-step advice you will need to achieve a reasonably safe and healthy habitat for any of the more common types of garden wildlife portrayed in gorgeous photographs. These two books provided fascinating information about wildlife you might find in your garden.
—Joan Richards, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden