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Into the Garden with Charles: A Memoir

Into the Garden with Charles: A Memoir
Clyde Phillip Wachsberger
Straus and Giroux
Publication Date: 

cloth, 209 pp., $23.00

This is a heartfelt memoir about love, the garden, and Charles in Wachsberger’s voice. After giving up his New York art and set-design business, Wachsberger moved into a 300-year-old cottage on a third of an acre in Orient, Long Island, where he built a garden that was appropriate to his historical home. Then remarkable circumstances led him to Charles, who was a connoisseur of art, a gardener, and the man who became his life partner. Together they created a garden of sensuous wild beauty.


The book is written in a voice that is unaffected and straightforward. The author spent 10 years writing it, and it is enriched with reproductions of his watercolors. This memoir is not only filled with descriptions of unusual rare shrubs and trees, but about also about and falling in love and growing old. It is a rare and beautiful book.

— Adele Kleine, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden