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Galanthomania: Sneeuwlokjes, Snowdrops

Galanthomania: Sneeuwlokjes, Snowdrops
Hanneke van Dijk
Terra Lannoo B.V.
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decorated boards, 160 pp., $45.00

There are many kinds of plant societies, but one of dedicated Galanthus collectors tends toward mania on the subject. Snowdrops, their common name, are one of the earliest flowering bulbs. The happy sight of their ephemeral flowers in a patch of sun-warmed ice is a sure indication of spring. The delicacy of the flower, strong enough to push through a tough environment, is a sign of its determination and helps make it so desirable.

Galanthomania, written in Dutch and English, classifies 10 groups of Galanthus flowers by shapes, with illustrations found on the end pages of this book. Some 500 snowdrop profiles illustrate the diversity of a plant that grows all of two inches high and generally all white or tinged with green. This work features some snowdrop collectors with their favorite cultivars and tales of how they got started. Snowdrop culture is easy. They need partial shade, which prevents them from complete dessication in the summer. They seem not to require fertilizers, preferring leaf mold. When they become too large, you need to separate them.

— Adele Kleine, Master Gardener and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden; writer for Chicagoland Gardening magazine