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Futurescapes: Designers for Tomorrow’s Outdoor Spaces

Futurescapes: Designers for Tomorrow’s Outdoor Spaces
Tim Richardson
Thames & Hudson
Publication Date: 

decorated boards, 351 pp., $60.00

With the present state of our environment created by global climate change, landscape architects are challenged as they have never been before. Richardson, a critic of current trends in landscape and garden design, has gathered together works by designers from around the world to solve these problems. Hence, this book features a tremendous diversity of design ideas, with excellent photographs and detailed descriptions of the concepts behind these innovative changes. This work includes three essays on contemporary movements in outdoor space design. The work of Patrick Blanc in Paris, an exponent of the “living wall” idea, is described in one essay. Blanc’s mur végétal technique—with plants hanging in pouches on vertical walls with no soil—is striking and dramatic.

This book is extremely interesting, but some of the text was difficult to read due to the use of some background colors. These distractions aside, this book certainly provides many ideas for transforming spaces.

— Joan Richards, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden