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Food for All: The Need for a New Agriculture

Food for All: The Need for a New Agriculture
John Madeley
Zed Books
Publication Date: 

cloth, 191 p., $55

The series "Global Issues in a Changing World" is the result of an international collaboration between Zed Books, five publishers and 12 non-governmental organizations from around the world. Each book in the series provides a detailed overview of a particular issue relevant to humanity today, and the series covers topics ranging from global warming to intellectual property rights, free trade to the war on drugs.

John Madeley's Food for All: The Need for a New Agriculture tackles the subject of agricultural reform, with an eye toward its potential for improving food security throughout the world. Mr. Madeley provides a comprehensive but accessible overview of the complex problem of world hunger, contextualizing the issue historically, demographically, geographically, economically and environmentally. Although he breaks down the issue of food security into its many myriad components, the entire body of work makes the case that agricultural reform lies at the heart of any comprehensive response to world hunger.

Food for All is a valuable text for those who seek to understand the complexity of hunger, and the increasing interconnectedness of trade, natural resources, social inequality, economic development and agriculture. It should not be considered a reference text, however, as an in-depth analysis of each of these components and their sub-components could fill volumes. Madeley has drawn connections between seemingly overwhelming and disparate subjects admirably, and his book (as well as, I suspect, the entire "Global Issues in a Changing World" series) would be a valuable addition to any socially conscious individual's literary larder.

— Cynthia Mathys, Labeling Technician, Chicago Botanic Garden