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Flower and Garden Photography

Flower and Garden Photography
Derek Fell
Rochester, N.Y.: Silver Pixel Pres
Publication Date: 

paper, 144 p., $24.95

One of the joys of reviewing this book is that it puts you in the company of an expert. You can approach it as a learning experience, and certainly Derek Fell does an excellent job of simplifying a subject that could scare away those less technically minded. He offers plenty of tips on how to choose film, subjects and camera accessories, as well as how to avoid the cliches that most beginners practice when photographing flowers. He also has some good practical information for those interested in pursuing commercial photography as a career.

As for me, I was content to sit back and read this book as a great adventure. The author has led a fascinating life, traveling the globe on assignment, photographing the world's great gardens from Monet's waterlilies to South Africa's Biedouw Valley to the mega-herbs of Campbell Island in the Sub-Antarctic. I found it a delightful trip.

Read either as a how-to book or as an adventure story, this book is enhanced by Mr. Fell's expert photography, which alone makes the book worth a look.

— Jim Kemper