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Field Guide to Liverwort Genera of Pacific North America

Field Guide to Liverwort Genera of Pacific North America
W.B. Schofield
Global Forest Society
Publication Date: 

paper, 228 p., $25

This field guide is an excellent book for a very limited audience. Liverworts are not noticed or studied by many nature enthusiasts or even professional botanists. For those familiar with liverworts, they are a fascinating group of plants. Unfortunately, the book takes the identification only to the generic level so it would not be usable by botanists requiring species differences. To aid the uninitiated, a very good glossary of terms is given along with a clear discussion of the differences between liverworts and mosses; the morphology of liverworts; their life cycle, economic uses and distribution history; and tips for collection.

While the key was not tested by the reviewer with plant material, it seems to be workable. The genera are pictured alphabetically after the key. It would have been helpful in this volume to have the page references for the illustrations by each liverwort in the key. The illustrations, by the way, are excellent. They alone could be used for a quick identification of liverwort genera.

For a general library in the distribution area covered in this book (Pacific Northwest), W.B. Schofield's Field Guide will be useful to amateurs and beginning students of liverworts.

— Luretta D. Spiess, Master Gardener and Volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden