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Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science

Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science
Robert M. Goodman
Marcel Dekker
Publication Date: 

cloth, 1,329 p., $395

Don’t be fooled: this one-volume, 1,329-page, alphabetic encyclopedia may seem daunting, but it’s really user friendly and easy to navigate. The Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science contains hundreds of entries on the plant sciences. Each entry presents scholarly information on the topic, a conclusion, a list of articles of further interest, and references. Some also contain black and white illustrations, graphs, or tables. Additionally, a complete subject index is at the end of the encyclopedia.

Published in 2004, the entries reflect current topics in plant and crop sciences as well as the classics. Topics covered include Arabidopsis thaliana, Bacillus thuringiensis, DNA markers, transgenic crops, effects of ozone on plant growth, phytoremediation and much more. International experts contributed to the work, providing a level of excellence and authoritative content.

The entries are well written, understandable and on a college level. I therefore recommend it as an excellent reference source.

— Leora Ornstein Siegel, reference librarian, Chicago Botanic Garden