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Encyclopedia of Dahlias

Encyclopedia of Dahlias
Bill McClaren
Timber Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 211 p., $39.95

Dahlias light up the late summer garden with their striking forms and colors. But the dinner plate–sized dahlias, many more than six feet tall, require a thick stake to keep them upright. This process seems to attract male gardeners who like post digging and hammering. For other gardeners, the popularity of large dahlias has been supplanted by smaller varieties. This size is now the most popular, and has attracted a new generation of gardeners.

The Encyclopedia of Dahlias has arrived at a time when a dahlia reference is needed. It appeals to both new dahlia growers and experts alike, with its 855 clear color plates, arranged by size, form and color. Newer growers will appreciate the cultural information and photographs on saving, storing and dividing tubers. Mr. McClaren is an authority on his subject and the book speaks plainly to that knowledge. This is a must have book for anyone interested in growing dahlias.

— Adele Kleine, Volunteer, Master Gardener, and contributing writer for Chicagoland Gardener magazine