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An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms

An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms
Robert Lee Riffle and Paul Craft
Timber Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 528 p., $49.95

Palm enthusiasts, whether professional or amateur, will find everything there is to know about cultivated palms presented in this thoroughly researched encyclopedia. The first section of this book is devoted to colorful photographs of 929 palms. Detailed descriptions follow; they range from A to Z and cover every aspect of palms: care, growth needs and habitat, suggestions for use and possible companion plants. There is also a short history of the palm, with comments on specific features that might — or might not — make specific palms desirable plants to cultivate.

Authors Robert Lee Riffle and Paul Craft also include landscape lists of palms for specific conditions, such as species tolerant of alkaline soils and suitable for screening or groundcover. They also list slow- and fast-growing palms. These lists provide details on the best palm for any given condition. For this reason, as well as for many outstanding photographs and plant descriptions, An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palmsshould be in the library of anyone with an interest in palms.

— Elaine Juhl, volunteer and master gardener, Chicago Botanic Garden