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Edible Plants for Prairie Gardens: The Best Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs

Edible Plants for Prairie Gardens: The Best Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
June Flanagan
Fifth House Ltd.
Publication Date: 

paper, 239 pp., $19.95

Canadian June Flanagan defines the prairies geographically in her native Canada, as extending across Alberta to Manitoba, then through Montana to Minnesota. Not exactly the area, we, as midwesterners, apply to prairie lands. The weather they face has frigid winters, fickle springs, drought, wind, and a fleeting number of frost–free days, all familiar to local gardeners. Although no climate zones are mentioned, the fruits and vegetables noted in this book are all well within our Zone 5.

The complete range of topics for developing an edible garden includes planting, planning, growing, harvesting, and seed saving; both perennials and annuals are fully covered. The photographs are particularly sharp and detailed; for example, the differences between male and female winter squash flowers are easily shown. Tomatillo as well as black and red currants are some of the more unusual edibles featured. A few easy recipes are included, especially in the section on herbs. This is an excellent book for novices and experienced gardeners.

— Adele Kleine, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden