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The Edible Garden: How to Have Your Garden and Eat It, Too

Alys Fowler
Viva Editions
Publication Date: 

Paper, 255 pp., $19.95.

As a relatively novice vegetable gardener, it was with some enthusiasm that I read the delightful prose of Alys Fowler in this well-illustrated and enjoyable book. I appreciate Fowler’s sensibilities about these plants that delight our senses at all sorts of levels, providing color, food, and drink. It was on some of the more practical levels that I found this book disappointing. The author is well known in Great Britain thanks to the BBC and her journalistic advice, and many of the recommendations in this book are appropriate to that island kingdom. Many of the varieties that she praises are simply not found on this side of the Atlantic; under Resources, many of the websites end in … It is quite unfortunate that editors and publishers think that they can simply dress a book in different bindings and not address real issues in content, if the book will be nothing more than an entertaining read on a very cold afternoon. If you live in England and grow vegetables, this book will have practical value. Elsewhere, enjoy it for its illustrations, recipes, and general advice. There are many other works that will give you more detailed assistance than The Edible Garden.
— Edward Valauskas, curator of Rare Books, Chicago Botanic Garden