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The Dry Gardening Handbook: Plants and Practices for a Changing Climate

The Dry Gardening Handbook: Plants and Practices for a Changing Climate
Olivier Filippi
Thames & Hudson
Publication Date: 

paper, 208 pp., $60.00

Where drought conditions present recurring or occasional challenges to plantings, gardeners seek out new methods to manage their gardens successfully, given increasing restrictions on water usage. Based on his two decades of experience, French nurseryman Olivier Filippi shares with his readers gardening strategies for coping with inhospitable environments. Beginning with an analysis of the survival strategies of plants, he recommends choosing drought-adapted plants that can survive the vagaries of dry climates. He points out the many factors that play an important role in creating these environments, such as rain shortage, evaporation, and limited moisture. He urges the gardener to consider the particular needs of plants from these areas when planning the garden, as irrigating them at the wrong season could prove fatal. He wisely contends that the successful establishment of gardens depends on planting methods and careful maintenance practices that recognize the diverse backgrounds of plants. In the third section of the book, the author lists more than 500 drought-resistant plants, illustrated in colorful photographs with descriptions of their individual characteristics. Beautifully illustrated with plants growing in their native habitats, this is a useful guide for gardeners everywhere.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden