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Domestication of Plants in the Old World

Daniel Zohary, Maria Hopf, and Ehud Weiss
Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 

Fourth edition, paper, 243 pp., $59.95.

Considered a classic in the fields of crop science, agriculture, archaeology, botanical archaeology, and plant biotechnology, this book is a continuing achievement by dedicated authorities. Their most recent studies have added, through radiocarbon dating, significant information on the origin and spread of domesticated plants. In the first publication, southwest Asia and the Nile Valley were explored, resulting in the earliest signs of domestication. The second edition of this work included information on the previous subjects plus new data on dye plants. The succeeding edition focused on domestication of plants. This fourth edition is essentially a summary of the information gathered from all chosen sites. The authors review their interpretations of current facts both in text and with illustrations. This advanced text is suited to researchers, historians, and graduate students. It is enormously illuminating for those simply curious about this vast interdisciplinary undertaking.
— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden