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Disconnected Rivers: Linking Rivers to Landscapes

Disconnected Rivers: Linking Rivers to Landscapes
Ellen Wohl
Yale University Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 301 p., $35.00

While growing up, author Ellen Wohl had many experiences with the consequences of river pollution. She has devoted her life as an educator to spreading greater knowledge about rivers. In this book, Wohl describes the physical river system, American river regions and ecosystems, and the effect of humans on riverine areas. She traces the history of humanity's connections with rivers and the various governmental projects aimed at repairing human damage to the natural systems. In her closing, remarks the author cites disturbing current data on the waterways: "Almost half of the nation's waters still fail to meet biological water quality standards... Between one-third to three-quarters of aquatic species nationwide are rare to extinct... An estimated 70 to 90 percent of riverside vegetation has been lost or degraded." Wohl gives a clarion call to the public to rethink its priorities and correct the destruction done to our waterways.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden