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Creating Good Gardens

Creating Good Gardens
Roger Holmes and Eleanor Lewis
Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Creative Homeowner Press
Publication Date: 

paper, 175 p., $16.95

The two authors of this book are seasoned gardening editors and authors. Their experience shows in this well-organized, easy-to-read gardening "primer." The book provides a sound foundation for the beginning gardener, as well as helpful refresher tips for the more advanced. The graphics and photos detailing techniques are especially helpful. The balanced blend of text and graphics is easy on the eye and enticing.
The main shortcoming of the book is the "Gallery" feature that is a simple reference for plant selection. The same information could be included in a tabular format as an appendix. The marginal photos would be sacrificed, but usefulness enhanced.

For the beginning gardener, this book is a good value, providing a wealth of easy-to-use information. Does this book belong in the library of an advanced gardener? Probably not essential, but after a look, you might be tempted.

— Ann S. Rich, Volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden