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Cottage Gardens

Cottage Gardens
Teri Dunn
New York: Friedman/Fairfax
Publication Date: 

paper, 72 p., $12.95

The cottage garden is the homespun version of a natural garden. Although many enjoy manicured landscapes and grand gardens, flowers and plants just love to grow. All one needs for a cottage garden is a small unplanned, closed area. It will contain what the owner likes and what grows in certain spots — and it may all look like it's all a bit overgrown.

This book includes beautiful pictures of small and large areas of flowers and arrangements, such as container groups on a terrace, herb gardens that are overflowing and seasonal beauties. There are ultimately cottage gardens for all seasons. The second part of this book identifies favorite cottage garden plants, with illustrations and descriptions. It also describes garden boundaries including fences, railings, gates and paths. Embellishments include planters, boxes, pumps, large pots, lights and chimes.

A table-top attraction, this is a delightful book for light reading and for use in justifying your own small, rambling garden. And you don't have to go to or be in England.

— Jean E. Bedger, Volunteer and Researcher, Library, School of the Chicago Botanic Garden.