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Container Gardens: Simple Steps to Beautiful Potted Plants

Container Gardens: Simple Steps to Beautiful Potted Plants
Rosemary McCreary
Alexandria, Va.: Time-Life Books
Publication Date: 

paper, 144 p., $16.95

Time Life has created a very useful, and easy-to-understand, guide to making attractive container gardens. The color panels and text clearly demonstrate the "how-to" in container construction. General topic headings include "Seasonal Gardens," "Year-Round Containers," "Focal Points" and "Clever Containers."

The novice and the more experienced gardener will benefit from information on potting mixes, troubleshooting, the use of spring flowering bulbs, shade containers, evergreen planting for winter, seasonal plant replacements, enjoying trees in pots and quick-and-easy topiary construction. Special issues that may also interest the reader include dramatic planting with the bold use of color and foliage, dry climate gardens and ornamental grasses.

For the very creative and handy gardener, instructions are included for building tower gardens, window boxes, rooftop gardens, wooden planters and faux stone planting troughs. This is a great book that not only teaches techniques but also suggests the types of plants that will work best in whatever container is chosen.

— Amy M. Lewitz, Master Gardener and Plant Information Volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden.