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Conifers of California

Conifers of California
Ronald Lanner
Los Olivos, Calif.: Cachuma Press
Publication Date: 

paper, 274 p., $24.95

Fifty-two species of conifer are native to California; this book is the first guide to all of these conifers, from the coast redwood and sequoia to the Brewer spruce and Monterey cypress. In four sections, Ronald Lanner, with reproductions of never-before-published watercolors by Eugene Murman and an abundance of breathtaking photographs, discusses the pine, cypress, baldcypress and yew families. Each description provides a general introduction to each species; for the foxtail pine or Pinus balfouriana, for example, there is a discussion of the two California populations separated by 300 miles of rugged terrain. Following a general introduction for each conifer, there are details on identification, habitat and range (with a map for each species). Appendices treat hybrids, characteristics of seed cones and other topics, as well as provide a good bibliography. This excellent guide will certainly inspire you to hunt for all 52 species of conifer on your next trip to California.

— Edward J. Valauskas, Manager, Library and Plant Information Office at the Chicago Botanic Garden