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Computer Gardening

Computer Gardening
Susan Young
Pascoe Publishing
Publication Date: 

paper, 132 p., with CD-ROM, £19.99

Computer Gardening starts immediately by introducing the gardener to simple computer techniques. Numerous examples are provided using basic computer graphics and spreadsheets applied to common landscaping and garden design. The ease with which the computer handles the calculation on the amount of material and number of plants needed for a particular design makes one wonder how we ever did this before computers.

Plant selection based on color, bloom season or height is much broader and easier using a database, especially one that can include thumbnail images of each plant. Diverse examples and case studies make this book more interesting and applicable to each gardener's special interests.

This book is aimed at experienced gardeners and nursery owners with some basic computer experience. The book and author are unbashedly English in the use of plant material and garden idiom. Area and quantity database calculations are appropriate and accurate, and the author is competent in computer applications to the garden environment.

A compact disc is included, and it contains many examples referred to in the book as well as databases for plant selection.

— Pren Sawyer, Volunteer, Library, Chicago Botanic Garden