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Colorado Home & Garden Lover’s Guide

Colorado Home & Garden Lover’s Guide
Niki Hayden (editor)
Fulcrum Publishing
Publication Date: 

paper, 146 p., $19.95

The diversity of Colorado’s home styles, from mountain cabin to Modernist design, is surveyed in this publication by the staff of Front Range Living. The homes all share a common challenge in their gardens — unpredictable weather, gardening in higher altitudes, and a limited water supply. Editor Niki Hayden has compiled a collection of personal interviews with home gardeners who relate how they faced these problems in their individual creations of beauty in the landscape. Most used native plants of proven endurance. They studied their particular microclimate and selected only those indigenous materials that would survive in similar conditions. They did not rely on published information about a plant’s culture, but relied on their personal experience of how well it would flourish under their environmental conditions.

Even though the gardening tips are meant for gardeners living in the region, they have value for those elsewhere whose gardens test their mettle.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden