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Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: A People’s Garden

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: A People’s Garden
William Cullina, Dorothy E. Freeman, and Barbara Hill Freeman
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cloth, 190 pp., $34.95

This is the story of the development of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, a 248-acre, densely wooded piece of property located midway along the coast of Maine. The mission of the not-for-profit organization is “to provide botanical, horticultural, and ecological education experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds as well as provide opportunities for research and development.” The text describes the progress at the site since its founders first came up with their groundbreaking idea. The colorful photographs of the grounds and buildings provide readers with a visual tour, reflecting the interest and dedication of all concerned in its founding and operation. It well deserves the title of “the people’s garden” for the many features of broad interest to people of all ages. Among the many highlights are a children’s theme garden inspired by books written for young readers; a maze lawn with stones set in turf; a learning garden; a sensory garden; and a seagull pavilion with a living roof.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden