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Birdhouses and Feeders You Can Make: Complete Plans and Instructions for Bird-Friendly Nesting and Feeding Sites

Birdhouses and Feeders You Can Make:  Complete Plans and Instructions for Bird-F
Paul Gerhards
Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Stackpole Books
Publication Date: 

paper, 128 p., $19.95

If you are looking for a complete and comprehensive source for birdhouse and bird feeder information, look no more. Paul Gerhards has compiled an excellent guide that covers the basics of how to attract birds to your garden, complete and easy-to-follow designs and instructions for building numerous types of houses and feeders and everything in between. Over 100 two-color drawings provide step-by-step design instructions and suggestions for topics such as hanging your completed project, how to keep away predators and how to provide ventilation. I particularly appreciated the very useful tables that rated the seed preferences of certain birds and the type of houses they liked.

The book is divided into several sections: birding basics and projects and bird feeder basics and projects. Each section is clear in its approach, and emphasis is on safety for both the birds and the environment.

Mr. Gerhards' book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in enhancing a backyard environment as well as providing refuge and food sources for the great variety of birds.

— Jill Houte Selinger