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Biodiversity Studies: A Bibliographic Review

Biodiversity Studies: A Bibliographic Review
Charles H. Smith
Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press,
Publication Date: 

cloth, 461 p., $69.50

Since Darwin and Wallace, biodiversity has been a topic of interest not only to biologists and botanists, but also to politicians, business executives and the general public. Given these diverse audiences, there has been a great deal of literature focusing on biodiversity and its changes over time and space. This work provides a guide to more than 5,000 books and journal articles, many published after a 1986 conference by the National Academy of Sciences and the Smithsonian Institution. The bibliography is in two parts: the largest organized by author, and a second section arranged by issue. Indices of subjects, geography and organisms facilitate access to the contents.

I've used this bibliography to assess the biodiversity collections at the Library at the Chicago Botanic Garden, and it is helpful in its detail and bibliodiversity. There's no filler in this bibliography, such as listing children's books or dissertations, but sadly it's a bibliography only of English-language documents. You'll have to look elsewhere for literature in other languages. Nevertheless, as a guide to recent English-language biodiversity literature, this book can't be beat.

— Edward J. Valauskas, Manager, Library and Plant Information Office, Chicago Botanic Garden