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Back in the Garden with Dulcy: The Best of The Oregonian Writer Dulcy Mahar

Dulcy Mahar
Carpe Diem Books
Publication Date: 

Decorated boards, 262 pp., $22.95.

For more than 22 years, Dulcy Mahar delighted and encouraged gardeners with her column in The Oregonian. As Peggy McMullen, editor of The Oregonian's Homes & Gardens of the Northwest states in her foreword “To those who never had a chance to meet Dulcy or read her columns before, step into her world. You're in for a treat.” And a treat it is. 

The book contains eight parts that include 140 columns from various years covering subjects such as Plant Lust, Garden Design, Mistakes, Mishaps and Do-Overs, and The Dulcy Touch. There are also 140 photographs of Dulcy, Ted, Doug, various pet cats and dogs, Dulcy's whimsical garden statuary and always great examples of her gardening skills and philosophy. When Mahar died in 2011 at the age of 69, her readers urged her husband to publish a book with many of her best columns. Whether you are a serious gardener or not, this book will brighten your day. You can open it at any page and find the spirit of Dulcy, or as her husband ends his preface “Sometimes she is the fluttering white butterfly that follows me through the garden.”
— Joan Richards, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden