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Amazing Annuals

Amazing Annuals
Marjorie Mason Hogue
Buffalo, N.Y.: Firely Books
Publication Date: 

paper, 160p.,  $24.95

Recognizing that annuals — some of the best flowers in a gardener's palette — are often overlooked simply because they're not perennials is the starting point for this book. This book presents annuals in such a way that if you haven't gardened much with annuals, after reading this book you will be in search of these amazing annuals. Descriptions of many different kinds of annuals are given: annuals grown from cuttings, seeds and bulbs; annuals to grow for their foliage; annuals to climb and trail; and annuals to grow for fragrance. The descriptions are brief but comprehensive. A whole section on container gardening will take you, step by step, through the process of "potscaping." There are several lists scattered throughout the book to help in plant selection, such as lists of annuals by height, drought-tolerant annuals, annuals for moist boggy conditions, annuals for shady conditions, scented annuals, everlasting annuals and so on. A chart of 180 seed-grown annuals includes height, flower, culture and germination information. If you think of annuals as a filler until the perennials fill in rather than the crowning glory to the garden, I encourage you to read this book. Annuals offer much to the garden, and Marjorie Mason Hogue does a good job of presenting that message.

— Candice A. Shoemaker