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Aldo Leopold’s Shack: Nina’s Story

Aldo Leopold’s Shack: Nina’s Story
Nancy Nye Hunt
Center for American Places at Columbia College (distributed by the University of Chicago Press)
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cloth, 81 pp., $29.95

This book is designed for grandparents to read to grandchildren, with plenty of family photographs to keep youngsters interested in the story. It is a short biography of a loving family, working together to restore their farm’s land. The information is largely furnished by Aldo Leopold’s daughter, along with photographs and drawings. The story is told simply and is readily accessible to all ages. Thanks to this tale, children will have their first lesson in living with nature. A young audience will relate to all five Leopold children and their adventures in building a structure that they named the shack. Older children should be able to read this book on their own, and feel the accomplishments of the Leopold family in living on the land, as they begin to understand the significance of land preservation.

— Adele Kleine, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden