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100 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden

100 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden
Carolyn J. Male
New York: Workman Publishing
Publication Date: 

paper, 246 p., $17.95.

This book is the definitive treatment of the fastest-growing type of vegetable growing, by one of the world's foremost authorities, Dr. Carolyn J. Male. She has grown over 1,000 tomatoes from around the world and selected 100 of the finest for taste, ease of growth, plant health and culinary merit. These are classic plants — some new, others old, many of them rescued from obscurity by dedicated aficionados who are members of Seed Savers Exchange (the author is a life member). There are chapters on the origin of the tomato, variety selection, growing advice, seed saving and creating one's own heirloom. Each chapter includes detailed discussions of her 100 choices, with marvelous photographs of each one by Frank Ianotti. Along the way, she disposes of the myth that only modern hybrids are disease-resistant, as she describes each selection's disease resistance (or lack of it). This is the book to own on tomatoes.

— John Swenson, Plant Collector and Master Gardener at the Chicago Botanic Garden