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100 Easy-To-Grow Native Plants for American Gardens in Temperate Zones.

100 Easy-To-Grow Native Plants for American Gardens in Temperate Zones
Lorraine Johnson
Buffalo, N.Y.: Firefly Books
Publication Date: 

paper, 160 p., $19.95

This easy-to-follow native plant identification plant book is a must for any gardener. Even if you are not a fan of native plants, this book deserves a few minutes of your time. By far, the illustrations are the best feature in this book. Coupled with the illustrations is an attractive format that provides plant descriptions as well as care details. You will also find in this book facts on bloom time, height, sun exposure, moisture preferences, habitat and range. The text is written in a style that's very inviting. The information is to the point and not verbose, unlike some other horticultural books. At the end of the book, there's a wonderful grouping of plants in reference charts for specific conditions. These conditions include plants for woodland habitat, drought tolerance and dry soil in shade or partial shade, just to name a few. In the charts, a photograph accompanies each plant under discussion. This feature worked well for me because I could easily visualize how a plant would look in a specific area. The depth of the content, plus the ease with which it seems to flow, makes this book a good one for beginners as well as for the professional.

— Denise Hankel, Horticulture Intern, Plant Information, The School of the Chicago Botanic Garden.