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Growing Spring Vegetables in Containers

Nancy Clifton gives tips on what to plant in containers now for a pretty, easy, and early spring vegetable crop.

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Early Springs Impact Your Garden

Eliza Fournier visits Chicago Tonight with tips on what our early spring means for gardeners, what to plant now, and what a switch from USDA Zone 5b to Zone 6a means for Chicagoans.

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Too Early to Plant?

Nancy Clifton offers advice on good spring bloomers for your garden that will survive a possible frost.

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Bugs crawl through warm winter, early spring

Unseasonably warm temperatures are causing May flowers to bloom a lot sooner, and they are bringing in a batch of early bugs.

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Chainsaw Pruning and Safety Tips

Cindy Baker answers Botanic Backyard questions on safe use of, and winter pruning with chainsaws.

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Winter Pruning and First Annual Seed Swap & Lecture

Nancy Clifton visits Botanic Backyard to answer questions about winter pruning and talks about the Garden's first annual seed swap on Sunday, February 26.

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Valentine's Day Tips and Flower Care

Heather Sherwood and Mike Caplan share tips for Valentine's Day gifts and arrangements; how to keep your cut flowers longer; and which gifts you can plant and keep for the season.

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Three Friends of Winter Bonsai Exhibition

Ivan Watters, curator of the Chicago Botanic Garden's bonsai collection, talks about the show and the culture and creation of bonsai.

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January Thaw

A January thaw brings out some interesting early blooms. Mike Caplan and Heather Sherwood to talk about January plant care in warm (and cold and snowy) weather.

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Dirty Jobs: Doomsday Seed Banker

Find the Chicago Botanic Garden on the Discovery Network! Catch Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe: Doomsday Seed Banker