Pine's Uses for Food & Remedies: Online


Pine's Uses for Food & Remedies: Online

Tuesday, December 13
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.


New! The Chicago Botanic Garden’s online class about herbs is a virtual experience you can take anywhere! 

Spruce, fir, juniper, and the beloved pine are staples of our forests. Their tree needles, bark, resin, and pollen have been used for food and medicine throughout history in every culture. From cough syrups to pine pollen pancakes to spruce tip salt, this class will use demonstration, practical tips, and recipes to delight your imagination and enhance your home apothecary as you connect to the wonders of the conifer trees and their many uses. This class will be taught online via Zoom. All registrations must be submitted online two days before your class starts. Registered students will receive login instructions one day in advance.

Dawn Petter, herbalist, Petalune Herbals

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