World Environment Day

Schedule for Saturday, June 7, 2014

There are activities for all ages taking place throughout the Garden, from a keynote presentation to ongoing demonstrations and displays. Select programs marked with a family-friendly symbol (Family Friendly Activity) are designed with younger children (10 years and under) in mind.

Continuous shuttle service is provided throughout the day from the Visitor Center to the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center. Visitors can ride the tram (fee applies) that includes a stop at the Grunsfeld Children's Growing Garden.

Throughout the Day

Plastic Plant Container Recycling
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Parking lot 4


Demonstrations & Activities

11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ask the Horticulturist: Green Roofs
Plant Science Center, Green Roof Garden

How to Create a Rain Garden
Plant Science Center, Rainwater Glen

Meet the Scientist Carts Family Friendly Activity

  • Recent Research Findings on White Lady’s Slipper: A Rare Native Orchid
  • Beyond the Garden Gate: Chicago Botanic Garden Science and Training in the Western United States
  • Pollinators: From Green Roofs to the Wild West– Bees, Birds, Moths, and More!
  • Plants of Concern
  • Discoveries in the Dirt
  • Native Spider Identification
  • Prairie Enhancement and Management

    Grainger Gallery

Lab Demonstrations

  • Ecology Lab
  • Herbarium Prep Lab
  • Seed Bank
  • Plant Genetics Lab

    Grainger Gallery


  • Chicago Wilderness
  • Northeastern Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership
  • Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program

    Grainger Gallery

Plant Science Center Display

Illinois’ Least Wanted (plants)


Demonstrations & Activities

Butterfly Gardening
Best Tools and Their Care
Best Planting and Mulching Practices
Ecofriendly Lawn Care
Ecofriendly Rose Care
Water-wise Gardening Tips
Landscape Alternatives for Invasive Species
Houseplants for Healthier Homes
Ecofriendly Pest Management
Plant Information Service

Displays Family Friendly Activity

  • Bartlett Tree Experts – Trees Impact Your Climate 
  • Baxter Healthcare Corporation – Advancing Sustainability 
  • Illinois Tool Works – 80/20 Driving Our Performance 
  • UL – Redefining Sustainability for Future Generations! 
  • Forest Preserve District of Cook County 
  • Lake County Forest Preserve District 
  • US EPA – Protecting Your Water 
  • The Geographic Society of Chicago 
  • Chicago Summer of Learning – Digital Badges 
  • GardenGuide, the Chicago Botanic Garden's Smartphone App 
  • Kohl Children's Museum of Greater Chicago 
  • Openlands
  • Zooniverse
  • Project BudBurst


Demonstrations & Activities

Plant Giveaway: 'Speckled Roman' Heirloom Tomato seedling Family Friendly Activity
Successful Composting
Organic Vegetable Gardening Basics
Growing Heirloom Tomatoes
What's the Current Buzz with Bees?


Demonstrations & Activities Family Friendly Activity

Plant the Growing Garden!
Grunsfeld Children’s Growing Garden

Animals and Plants in Aquatic Habitats
Kleinman Family Cove

Regenstein Center

Farmers’ Market Stand

Green Youth Farm

Lenhardt Library Display
Sustainable and Green Roof Gardening, Climate Change, and More
Lenhardt Library

Art of the Heirloom
Joutras Gallery