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Evelyn Webb Williams

Evelyn Webb Williams
Adjunt Conservation Scientist
(847) 242-6443
Curriculum Vitae: 
Teaching and Research Affiliations: 
  • Research Associate – The Field Museum, Chicago, 2011 - present
  • Adjunct Faculty – Lake Forest College, Fall 2013 and 2014
Research Interests: 
  • Phyloecology in a restoration context (with Dan Larkin)
  • Artocarpus (breadfruit and jackfruit) genetics (with Nyree Zerega)
  • Lepidospartum burgessii (broomsage, scalebroom) population genetics and conservation (with Jeremie Fant)
  • Botrychium s.s. (moonwort) fern systematics and population genetics
  • Rare plant ecology, conservation, and restoration

My research interests encompass a range of subjects including restoration ecology and genetics, population structure, rare plant conservation, and species concepts, with natural history a constant interest and hobby.

Selected Publications: 

Gardner, E.M., K.M. Laricchia, M. Murphy, D. Ragone, B.E. Scheffler, S. Simpson, E.W. Williams, N.J.C. Zerega. In press. Chloroplast microsatellite markers for Artocarpus (Moraceae) developed from transcriptome sequences. Applications in Plant Sciences.

Hipp, A., D. Larkin, et al., E. Williams. 2015.Phylogeny in the service of ecological restoration. American Journal of Botany 102:5, 1-2.

Williams, E.W. and D. M. Waller. 2015. Tracking morphological change and demographic dynamics in ephemeral Botrychium s.s. (Ophioglossaceae) populations. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 142, 152-165.

Williams, E.W. and D. M. Waller. 2012. Phylogenetic placement of species within the genus Botrychium s.s. (Ophioglossaceae) based on plastid sequences, AFLPs, and flow cytometry. International Journal of Plant Sciences 173:5 516-531.

Camill, P., A. Barry, E. Williams, et al. 2009. Climate-vegetation-fire interactions and their impact on long-term carbon dynamics in a boreal peatland landscape in northern Manitoba, Canada. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 114: Art. No. G04017.

Waller, D., S. Johnson, R. Collins, E. Williams. 2009. Threats posed by ungulate herbivory to forest structure and plant diversity in the Upper Great Lakes Region and a review of methods to assess those threats. Prepared for the Upper Great Lakes NPS 'Vital Signs' program.