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Shannon Still, Ph.D.

Shannon Still
Postdoctoral Research Associate
(847) 835-6312
Research Interests: 
  • Species distribution modeling of rare plants in response to global climate change
  • Phylogenetics, systematics, and taxonomy of Eschscholzia
  • Growing Meconopsis for horticultural display

My research interests generally involve rare plants and taxonomy. My current work examines the impact of global climate change on the species distribution of rare plants in the western United States. With this work, we are examining the current distributions of rare plants and then making projections as to how these distributions will change between now and the year 2080. I enjoy this work as it incorporates both theoretical and applied approaches to conservation and rare plant biology. I also have an interest in phylogenetics and taxonomy, and I am currently working on a revision of the genus Eschscholzia, or California poppy.

Here are a few articles that explain my research:

In the Chicago Botanic Garden's member magazine, Keep Growing, I was profiled in this article: Garden Scientist Maps Future of Rare Southwestern Cactus.

I have blogged about some of the rare plant research, including this blog about the Siler pincushion cactus (Pediocactus sileri). Also, I blogged in these rare plant portraits of the silverleaf sunray (Enceliopsis argophylla) and dwarf bear-poppy (Arctomecon humilis).