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Richard G. Hawke

Richard Hawke
Plant Evaluation Manager
(847) 835-8251
Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 
  • Ornamental plant evaluation
  • Invasive species testing of wild-collected and ornamental plants
  • Evaluation of native and cultivated plants for green roofs

My main research is the comparative evaluation of ornamental plants, predominantly herbaceous perennials, to determine the best garden plants for the Upper Midwest and areas with similar climatic conditions. The herbaceous plants under evaluation are grown outdoors in side-by-side trials for a minimum of four years; vines and shrubs are evaluated for a minimum of six years. Plants are monitored regularly to assess their ornamental traits; cultural adaptability to the soil and environmental conditions of the test site; disease and pest problems; and winter injury.

Among the 30 genera currently under evaluation are Andropogon (bluestem), Athyrium (lady fern), Brunnera (Siberian bugloss), Buddleja (butterfly bush), Calamintha (calamint), Clematis (clematis), Dryopteris (wood fern), Filipendula (meadow sweet), Gentiana (gentian), Geum (avens), Hamamelis (witch hazel), Heliopsis (heliopsis), Hydrangea paniculata (panicle hydrangea), Hydrangea quercifolia (oakleaf hydrangea), Hydrangea serrata (Japanese hydrangea), Lavandula (lavender), Lespedeza (bush clover), Molinia (purple moor grass), Opuntia (prickly pear), Panicum (switch grass), Perovskia (Russian sage), Persicaria (smartweed), Ratibida (Mexican hat plant), Rodgersia (rodgersia), Rosa (English shrub roses), Schizachyrium (little bluestem), Stokesia (Stokes’ aster), Vernonia (ironweed), Weigela (weigela), and Yucca (yucca).

Plant Evaluation Program
Plant Evaluation Notes podcast

Selected Publications: 

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