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PHOTO: egret PHOTO: red-shouldered hawk PHOTO: tiger swallowtail butterfly PHOTO: frog


Birds255 different species of birds.

Mammals — Big Brown Bat, Hoary Bat, Little Brown Bat, Red Bat, Silver-haired Bat, Beaver, Eastern Gray Chipmunk, Eastern Cottontail, Coyote, White-tailed Deer, Red Fox, Mink, Prairie Deer Mouse, Northern White-footed Mouse, Muskrat, Opossum, Raccoon, Cinereous Shrew, Short-tailed Shrew, Striped Skunk, Eastern Fox Squirrel, Eastern Grey Squirrel, Southern Flying Squirrel, Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel, Meadow Vole, Woodchuck.

Lepidoptera — Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly

Reptiles and Amphibians — Bullfrog, Red-eared Slider, Garter Snake, American Toad, Midland Painted Turtle, Musk Turtle, Snapping Turtle, Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle, False Map Turtle, Common Map Turtle, Ouachita Map Turtle.