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Garden Receives $550,000 from Illinois General
Assembly for Lakeshore Restoration


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Beth Dunn

GLENCOE, Ill. (October 29, 2009)—As part of the recently passed Illinois General Assembly's capital bill, the Chicago Botanic Garden will be awarded $550,000 for lakeshore restoration to complete the repair of 2.6 of the Garden's 5.7 miles of shoreline throughout the Garden. We especially would like to thank Illinois State Senator Terry Link and State Representatives Beth Coulson and Kathy Ryg for their efforts in making this happen.

Since 1999, the Garden has been systematically rejuvenating our lake shoreline using innovative bioengineering techniques that rely heavily on dense stands of healthy shoreline vegetation to arrest erosion and improve aquatic habitat. However, the Garden has yet to complete the 2.6 miles along the North Lake's shoreline including the Fruit and Vegetable Garden. This shoreline is exhibiting increased sloughing, slumping, and sliding of shoreline soils as a result of the September 2008 flood.

Restoration of the remaining 2.6 miles of lakeshore will allow us to be fully prepared for future flooding incidents as well as improve the water quality throughout the Garden's lakes' system.


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