Chicago Botanic Garden

What's in Bloom

What's in Bloom at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Natural Areas — April 15, 2014


Marsh marigold
(Caltha palustris)




Shooting star
(Dodecatheon media)


(Podophyllum peltatum)

McDonald Woods: Slowest start in years! American hazelnut (Corylus americana), pussy willow (Salix discolor).

Prairie and Skokie River: As you walk the paths of the Prairie and look over to the Skokie River, you will notice new growth emerging from the blackened ground. Prairie fires, a natural occurrence, enrich the soil by reducing the herbaceous stems remaining from last years' grasses and forbs (flowers) to nutritious ashes. Early blooming forbs are colorful, but small, so look carefully and later in the month you will spot yellow marsh marigold (Caltha palustris) along river banks and in wet areas, wild hyacinth (Camassia scilloides), sedges (Carex spp.), shooting star (Dodecatheon media), strawberries (Fragaria virginiana), prairie smoke (Geum triflorum), downy phlox (Phlox pilosa), Jacob's ladder (Polemonium reptans), golden ragwort (Senecio aurea), starry false Solomon's seal (Smilacina stellata), and golden Alexander (Zizia aurea) along the pathways and hillside.