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What's in Bloom — Highlight 12.28.12

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Miss Alice™ paper flower (Bougainvillea 'Singapore White') is in the Temperate Greenhouse.

Miss Alice™ paper flower (Bougainvillea 'Singapore White') is a low-thorn cultivar covered in exceptionally large white bracts (often mistaken as flowers) throughout the winter months. In locations with low humidity and lots of sun, this bouganvillea can be coaxed to bloom year-round.

With a compact (maturing at 4 feet in height and width) and slow-growing habit, this plant makes a great specimen in a large container if Chicago area homeowners have a frost free, sunny location in which to site it. The Garden's Miss Alice™ paper flower is being trained to cover a low fence surrounding the checkerboard in the Temperate Greenhouse.

Bougainvilleas are almost entirely pest-free and have very low watering needs, making them a great pick for a larger container plant.



Karl Gottling pansy orchid (Miltoniopsis Lennart Karl Gottling) is descended from species adapted to cool, high-elevation rainforests, so while it can't tolerate freezing temperatures, it also suffers in hot temperatures — making this genus very challenging for most gardeners to grow. Large, pansylike flowers feature a central burgandy blotch outlined in white on a deep-fuchsia bloom.

Karl Gottling pansy orchid (Miltoniopsis Lennart Karl Gottling) can be found in the Tropical Greenhouse.


Rhapsody Clementine African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha 'Rhapsody Clementine') flowers virtually all year and is valued for pale blue flowers that contrast with the dark green foliage. African violets make long-lived house plants when grown on windowsills or under artificial lights. Moisture-retentive but well drained soils are required.

This is one of the cultivars specifically developed for the NASA space program plant evaluation trials. It is truly a special holiday season when we have a plant with extraterrestrial aspirations featured in Wonderland Express!

Rhapsody Clementine African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha 'Rhapsody Clementine') is in the Greenhouse Gallery and Wonderland Express.


Prestige Red poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima 'Prestige Red') has among the largest bracts of any of the poinsettia cultivars available this holiday season. It was rated among the best of the traditional red poinsettias in consumer preference tests conducted at Purdue University, North Carolina State University, and the University of Florida.

Prestige Red poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima 'Prestige Red') is arranged in hanging balls in the Temperate Greenhouse.


Pendula Nootka cypress (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Pendula') is a statuesque evergreen addition to the Chicago landscape. Gracefully pendulous lateral branches fold out from a central trunk. Taxonomists have argued over which genus this plant should correctly be placed in. By any name, this plant makes a strong focal point in the landscape.

Pendula Nootka cypress (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Pendula') can be found in Nichols Hall, behind the Chicago Theatre sign in Wonderland Express.