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North Lawndale Green Youth Farm

2007 North Lawndale GYF Participants


Kina Bishop
Kina has been at the North Lawndale Green Youth Farm for two years. She was promoted to crew leader this season because of her initiative and problem-solving skills. She reports, "I like being at this garden because I like to see how things grow and it's something to do for the summer."

PHOTO: Clifton

Clifton Coleman
Clifton's great sense of humor and energy enliven every day at the farm. Clifton says, "I am very outspoken and funny (if I might say so). This is my first year at GYF and I love it."

PHOTO: Valentino

Valentino Davenport
Valentino, an aspiring chef, has just been promoted to crew leader during this, his second season at the farm. His perfect attendance, knowledge of the farm, and great attitude also earned him a spot on a trip to Boston for the American Community Gardening Association conference.

PHOTO: Ceciley

Ceciley Gamble
Ceciley is a 17-year-old first-year student at GYF. "I am an employee at GYF, and it's a good and fun job. You learn a lot of different plants and vegetables as you grow them daily. The thing I love about the farm is not only planting the items or watching them grow, but I love when the fruits and vegetables are ready to be eaten. I also love when we sell at the market."

PHOTO: Shannon

Shannon Griffin
Shannon is a 16 year-old student at Manley Career Academy. This is her first summer at GYF. She says, "I work at the GYF. It's a fun place to work at. I'm goofy and fun to get along with."


Maurice Jones
Maurice has excelled in the program this season, which was no surprise to staff, but a bit of a shock to himself. He reported that this picture was taken on the occasion of him eating vegetables "for the first time." We are looking forward to Maurice's return after a three-week hiatus for summer school.

PHOTO: Theresa

Theresa King
This is Teresa's third season at the Farm, and her second as crew leader. She is an 18-year-old student at Manley Career Academy. According to Teresa, "I have been working hard here for about three years. I have not been making enough money (wish I was making more)."

PHOTO: Eugene

Eugene Matthews
Eugene just moved to Chicago from Mississippi and applied for a job at the farm so he could meet some new friends in his new hometown. So far, he has fit right in. He is looking forward to working with the bees in the hive that we acquired this season.

PHOTO: Devon

Devon Nash
Devon has been working with GYF for almost two years. He attends Manley Career Academy and likes to play basketball. Devon has "learned many things from the GYF. I learned how to grow different varieties of fruits and vegetables and also tasted new things I had never tasted before. The GYF is a fun place to visit or work at, and you'll meet nice people there."


LaToya Nelson
LaToya's goal for the season is to take one step each week closer to the bees until she's not scared anymore. Her consistency and beautiful smile lighten the mood at the farm — even on Mondays.

PHOTO: Dexter

Dexter Sullivan
Dexter is also in the middle of his third season at the North Lawndale Green Youth Farm, and says, "…each year, something new and exciting always happens, and I am enjoying it. Take care and stuff." He travels at least 45 minutes each way every day to get to work, and almost always arrives with a smile.

PHOTO: Marquita

Marquita Whealan
Marquita's hard-working attitude and interest in the farm is evident every day. She set for herself a goal to earn 30 "kudos" (for going above and beyond the call of duty) this season. Although this is only her first summer at the farm, she vows, "Blueberries are good…I will be back!!!"

PHOTO: Quinnmesha

Quinnmesha Yearby
"Mesha," 17 years old, is a second-year student and crew leader at the Green Youth Farm. She has been working here at the farm for almost two wonderful years and "looking for more to come…."

PHOTO: Louis

Louis Young
Louis attends Manley Career Academy and plays football for his school. He jumps right in to every project, task, and game at the farm. He reports, "I love GYF because everything I do is a new exposure."

North Lawndale Staff 2007

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