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North Lawndale Green Youth Farm

2006 North Lawndale GYF Participants

PHOTO: Michelle

Michelle Barfield
I came to work here because I needed something to do this summer…I did not want to but my school told me just do it. I like watering the plants but I do not like getting eaten by bugs. I like being outside, and my sister is an inspiration to me. After high school, I am going to college.


Kina Bishop
Bio to come.

PHOTO: DaWayne

DaWayne Combs
DaWayne has worked at GYF for two summers and was a crew leader this year. He leads by example and is a very hard worker. He will be working for his second year for ROOT Inc. and is very interested in entrepreneurship.


Leon Daniels
I like the farm because it has great opportunities and we get paid. The farm has hard work and makes people see the value of life. I hate to weed and love to water, because weeding is too hard and watering is very easy. I also love to play basketball because it runs in my family and it is a game that shows respect. I want to go to the University of North Carolina on a basketball scholarship.

PHOTO: Valentino

Valentino Davenport
I heard about this Green Youth Farm job through Umoja. I work in the farm because I can get a lot of experience. The thing I like to do most is cooking; the only thing that keeps me going in this job is cooking. After high school, I want to go to culinary school.

PHOTO: Junia

Junia Findlay
Junia was a hardworking and fun crew member who always had a smile for everyone despite some difficulties he encountered this summer in the form of a broken foot and then a broken leg. He pushed on nonetheless and proved to be a fantastic tour guide on crutches! Junia will be joining ROOT Inc. in their effort to provide healthy organic baby food for their community.

PHOTO: Tatiana

Tatiana Jackson
Bio to come.

PHOTO: Teresa

Teresa King
Teresa spent her second summer at Green Youth Farm as a crew leader and has proven herself in many public speaking engagements. Theresa is an outspoken crew member with a big presence at the farm and likes to make work fun. She is involved in ROOT Inc. during the school year and hopes to use her leadership skills to pursue a career in criminal law.

PHOTO: Kenya

Kenya Miller
I heard about the Green Youth Farm through Umoja at Manley. Ted told us about it because we told him we need a job for the summer to keep us out of trouble. I really enjoy working at the garden. At first I wasn't feeling it but now I am. When I leave high school I'm going to college to be a pediatrician to work with kids because I love being around them and helping them. What inspires me is the mindset of wanting to be someone.

PHOTO: Ashley

Ashley Murphy
My reason for working here is because it's a new experience for me. I heard about it through a program called Umoja at my school. I like harvesting and planting. I don't like the insects. An interesting thing about me is I'm on the cheerleading team at my school. After high school I plan to become a Navy Seal. The movie Antoine Fisher inspired me to become a part of the Navy and ROTC keeps me focused on pursuing this goal.

PHOTO: Devon

Devon Nash
I learned about this job at my school. I chose this job because I love to learn about new things (planting). What I like most about this job is the many plants, but I don't like planting them because most seeds are very little. I also like to play basketball; it's what inspires me. When I grow up I want to be a basketball player.

PHOTO: Rosetta

Rosetta Sanders
Rosetta likes working at Green Youth Farm because she "loves planting different types of veggies and fruits." Her family inspires her to work hard, which she does at work and in her free time. She also belongs to a dance group which has won awards in Hip-Hop dance battles.

PHOTO: Dexter

Dexter Sullivan
I heard about [the farm] from my school which is called Manley Career Academy. I love going on the trips because it is fun and I get to learn more about gardening. I dislike weeding; it takes too much time. I also like acting because that's what I want to become because I want to be very successful. [After high school] I will be in Hollywood living the good life, acting and writing movies, etc.

PHOTO: Quinnmesha

Quinnmesha Yearby
I found out about the job through Umoja and I chose this job because it would have been a good experience for me to learn about nature and seeing how things grow. What I like about the farm is planting because it is different methods of growing. What I dislike is shoveling and moving dirt and wood chips. I also am in a dance group called Underrated. I play basketball, softball, track and I know how to sing. What inspires me is just me and my goals in life. Because without a dream you can't make it anywhere. I see myself in 5 years finishing college and going to medical school in gynecology finding a cure for STDs.

North Lawndale Staff 2006

PHOTO: Dan   PHOTO: Debby
Dan Debby