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North Chicago Green Youth Farm

2007 North Chicago GYF Participants

PHOTO: Tavaris

Tavaris Bell
Tavaris enjoys working at the farm and considers himself a hard worker. He attends Waukegan High School and likes to play basketball. His favorite crop we grow at the farm is watermelon.

PHOTO: Marcos

Marcos Cardoza
Says Marcos, “My favorite plant is broccoli, and my favorite vegetable to eat is carrots. GYF has taught me a lot about planting. It’s not just watering but many other things.” Marcos also likes to play soccer with his friends and listen to music that helps him relax like when he’s planting at the farm.

PHOTO: Semeka

Semeka Cunningham
Semeka attends North Chicago High School. She wants to be a doctor, and her hobbies are playing volleyball and writing poetry. This year at the farm, she has enjoyed building the cob oven.

PHOTO: Amber

Amber Dorsey
Amber likes to eat grapes and corn, but her favorite food is fried chicken. She plays volleyball, sings, and draws. Her favorite color is pink.

PHOTO: Daniel

Daniel Fallon
Daniel’s favorite thing about the farm is learning about the plants. He is an avid cyclist who bikes to work everyday and runs cross-country at school. His favorite foods include apples, potatoes, steak, and mashed potatoes.

PHOTO: Gabriel

Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel is a big help at the farm. His hobbies are writing poetry, reading books, and playing video games. His favorite sports are golf, volleyball, football, basketball, and tennis.

PHOTO: Marina

Marina Garcia
Marina, also known by the nickname Gigglez, likes to eat the farm’s raspberries and carrots. Besides farming, she likes to listen to music, party, and talk to all types of people. She also plays badminton.

PHOTO: Mercedes

Mercedes Garcia
Mercedes enjoys many foods from the farm including strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, broccoli, basil, potatoes, honey, zucchini, and squash. She is the oldest of four, and has a sister and brother working at GYF. Her favorite color is sky blue and she loves to play games.

PHOTO: Fernando

Fernando Garcia
Fernando is a big McDonald’s fan and works it off by playing soccer and running like the wind. Says Fernando about the farm: “I also enjoy working under the sun, so this job is fun for me. Everybody at the farm is cool with everybody so all we do is work and have fun. The hours go by fast most of the days.”

PHOTO: Addie

Adelaida Guzman
Addie’s favorite plants to eat at the farm are the broccoli and the snow peas. She also likes to play soccer and go running.

PHOTO: Ambria

Ambria Johnson
Ambria comes all the way from Alabama. Her favorite food is french fries, which makes sense because her favorite vegetable is the potato. She also likes to eat watermelon and strawberries. When she’s not working, she likes playing volleyball, singing, and drawing.


Josh Johnson
Josh is a crew leader who likes eating the collards from the farm. Outside of work, he likes football, weightlifting, and maxing.

PHOTO: Harry

Harry Loving-McKissick
Harry is a crew leader who has worked at the farm for two years. Harry says, “I like working here because I learned a lot of new kinds of plants and names since I started.”

PHOTO: Paolo

Paulo Ochoa
Paulo loves music and plays guitar and trumpet. He also likes watching and playing soccer. This is Paulo’s first year with GYF and he enjoys it a lot. He reports, “I have met a lot of new people and got pretty close to them. GYF has taught me a lot about plants and how to grow them — also how to grow organically and keep things organic.”

PHOTO: Lexie

Lexie Samuels-Zecher
Alexi is a junior at Waukegan High School. Her favorite spots are volleyball and golf. She is originally from California and moved to Illinois when she was five. She wanted to work at the Green Youth Farm because gardeners and farming run in her family. She says, “Now I know why, and that’s because it’s fun and fresh food is yummy.”

PHOTO: Randall

Randall Styles
Randall was born in Chicago and now lives in Waukegan. His favorite foods from the farm are the collard greens and the watermelon. His favorite meal is lasagna. His hobby is sports, and he plays football.

PHOTO: Kevin

Kevin Young
Kevin was born in Aurora and has been working at GYF for the summer season of 2007, enjoying himself very much! He has learned a lot about plants and their varieties. Kevin’s hobbies include movies, music, tennis, floor hockey, and volleyball. He loves working at GYF because there is physical labor and activity at the same time.

North Chicago Staff 2007

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