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McDonald Woods

A virtual tour of McDonald Woods after restoration.

In this managed area, McDonald Woods is recovering its diversity. Many different communities exist closely together in this Illinois woodland.

As you move around this 360-degree panorama, look for the many types of plants that indicate species variety here. Notice the sunlight, which is necessary for an oak woodland to thrive. Observe the growth of plants on the woodland floor.

To restore this woodland, the Garden has used scientific techniques including brush cutting, controlled burns and reseeding. As a natural system, McDonald Woods is recovering its health and biodiversity. Volunteers can become involved in habitat preservation by contacting the Chicago Botanic Garden or other conservation organizations such as Chicago Wilderness.

Click and drag your cursor across the picture to get the feel of moving around the garden. You can zoom in by using the shift key or zoom out with the control key.

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 Download a guide for the McDonald Woods. (PDF 352K)